So lovely you stopped by. 

Melanie Who? 

A son and a burn out was all it took to shake things up. Mid 2016, Melanie Van Dooren (28) decided to trade a secure job for an uncertain passion she once discovered in Brazil: silversmith. What started as a pleasant hobby soon became a modest brand. She designs and handcrafts effortless, accessible, no-nonsense and contemporary jewelry with an extra focus on customization. At the moment, she works in a cosy atelier in Borgerhout. She will open a multi-creative atelier in Merchtem soon (mid 2017), which allows for workshops; tailor-made fittings and Sunday Shoppings.  

Melanie What? 

Low volumes; effortless and durable pieces. Every item is handcrafted, tailor-made and personalized if one pleases so. The technique used in order to imprint words, names, initials or dates is an old craft by which letter stamps are being hammered one by one into the metal. The effect is totally different from general, modern engravings and far more durable. 

Melanie prefers not to think in terms of restricted or seasonal collections. Every item ones added to the family, stays a member of the family. Therefore, all designs ought to be timeless. The launch of a new design is always a surprise - even to herself -, which makes it even more interesting to follow her on social media. 

Every jewel is crafted out of sterling silver. If one pleases so, plated gold or massive gold are options as well. 

 So far, and in order to find some structure, Melanie assigns her craftings to 6 different and extendable denominators:

  1. The Milestone Collection: silver bracelets containing a text that refers to a milestone in life; created to celebrate that one special moment
  2. The Mini Milestone Collection: kid's bracelets referring to possible milestones in her (or his) life: birth; birthday; great bulletin & the holy sacraments
  3. The Timeless Collection: designed to be worn now, then and forever 
  4. The Sa Tuna Collection: rings made out of rough nature stones and silver. Found a stone yourself which you'd like to carry around? Get in contact!
  5. The Tailor-Made Collection: the results of a great interaction between client and designer
  6. The Pet Collection: what if humans and their pets share the same love for fashion? What if they could share both the same jewel? 

The Stacking Game on the other hand, is a concept which allows customers to compose their own ring, made out of different small rings - the so called "stacks" or "stackings".

Melanie Van Dooren can be purchased online:

  1. www.melanievandooren.com/e-shop
  2. soon: www.belguniqe.be

or in a few carefully selected stores: 

  1. Au nom du Pied, Gent 
  2. Lune Lautre, Edegem 
  3. Soho Gallery, Grimbergen
  4. YAY Concept Store, Antwerp

Melanie Why? 

Because Handmade in Belgium makes a difference. Because 'Ik Koop Belgisch' has a value. Because authenticity is beautiful and crafts are wonderful. Because every design carries a story. Because passion is something to share. Because I'm humbly proud of what I do. Because I make people happy with what I do. Because I sincerely hope you like my work. 





mail: hi@melanievandooren.com

tel: +32 472 88 92 28 

website: www.melanievandooren.com 

instagram: @melanievandooren 

facebook: @melanievandoorenhandcrafts