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Take Care

Take Care!


It’s important to take care of your jewellery, as much as you take care of your car, clothing and other materials of a certain value.

tips & tricks

keep it clean

  • take off your jewel whenever you’re planning on doing ‘dirty’ tasks, to prevent the dirt and grease from getting into or onto your jewellery

  • you might clean your jewel with a soft (!) toothbrush and some detergent, or invest in a semi-prefssional ultrasonic cleaner. You can find these e.g. at Krëfel or other electro stores. Use it maximum every two weeks. I guarantee you’ll be very happy with this investement!

  • bring in your jewel every year to clean, polish and rhodinate if necesseary. It’s like bringing your silk dress to the dry cleaner once in a while!

  • for a polish at home, use Haggerty towels. I don’t believe in silver cleaning liquids

  • when not wearing your jewel, store it into a box away from sunlight and humidity

be careful

  • delicate jewellery is my trademark, so I need you to take care! Take off your jewellery whenever you’re planning on doing something that might damage your jewel - like gardening, renovating, sports and even the dishes. Always store it in a box during these handlings.

  • store each jewel seperately. Each material has its own hardness. Harder materials (like diamond, platina) might scratch the softer materials (like silver)

  • diamond is the hardest material. Colored stones each have their hardness, always ask for it when you buy a jewel. They are more subjected to scratches and therefore need more care!

  • bring in your jewel every year when your stone is set with prongs. We need to check every year if the prongs didn’t move, so you won’t lose your stone. When your jewel was bought at Melanie Van Dooren, this check-up is for free at atelier Melanie Van Dooren.